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Hotel Innovation Award

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About the Hotel Innovation Award 2022  

The newly created industry award “Hotel Innovation Award” targets innovative hotels and hotel groups all over Europe. 

We will focus on a different aspect of innovation in hotel concepts each year, from ESG and sustainability, to technology and digitalization, we also want to highlight and honour other aspects of innovation in hotels. This year, the focus is on human resources, weather it concerns recruiting, retention management, employer branding, digitalization or any other innovative HR concepts helping the industry to evolve. 

The prize goes to pioneers in this field, which stand out from among its competitors in terms of differentiation & game changing, scalability & economic viability, the impact on employees and impact on society & hotels. 


Either up to two hotels may be submitted per year by each company applying or one hotel group. The hotels or the hotel group must be located in Europe. 

The main criteria are: 

  • differentiation & game changing  
  • scalability & economic viability 
  • impact for employees  
  • impact for society & hotel(s) 

All information for applicants incl. Terms and Conditions and the set of criteria in detail find here: 

Hotel Innovation Award 

The submission deadline is 7 October 2022.