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This was 2024

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who joined us at this year’s 196+ spotlight serviced living, which took place on 10 June 2024 at The Hoxton, Vienna. Over 55 participants actively joined us in various panel discussions and gained new insights into the serviced living sector. We were exploring innovative ideas, having insightful discussions, and sharing valuable knowledge on the latest innovations in technology and how they can be used to improve the world of hospitality.

Reflecting on our first panel, moderated by Paul Rands, Managing Director of the Future of Hospitality Institute, we delved into “Hybrid Concepts – Blurring the Boundaries”. A big thank you to our speakers Teresa Brinkmann, Expansion Manager at Stayery, Christof Flöckner, Managing Director at Milestone, and Daniel Prägant, General Manager at The Social Hub, Vienna, for their insights on how hybrid concepts are revolutionizing hospitality by blending traditional hotel services with residential elements. We explored the urgent need for communal living solutions, showcasing initiatives such as Milestone's community-focused operations, The Social Hub’s adaptable stay options, and Stayery's innovative cross-property arrangements for digital nomads.

Our second key topic introduced the “New Kids on the Block”, featuring REBEL’s General Director Jean-Charles Goyeche, The Porter’s Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer Hendrik Boeing and TFE Hotels’ Development Manager Jan Louis Metzmeier. Jean-Charles showcased REBEL’s nature-focused senior living communities in Canada, emphasizing sustainability and intergenerational connections. Hendrik presented The Porter’s new concept, an urban hub blending gastronomy, living, office spaces, and entertainment, set to open in early 2025 in Leipzig. Jan Louis presented MM:NT, their world’s first hotel laboratory and discussed TFE Hotels’ efficient travel accommodations, known for their innovative repurposing of unused spaces. It was exciting to see how these visionary leaders are revolutionizing the future of hospitality with their groundbreaking concepts.

During a bar chat, ProMatura’s European Director Peter Robinson and Christian Walter, Global CEO of PKF Hospitality Group, discussed the topic “Senior Living – Needs of an Emerging Target Group”. They emphasized how crucial it is to understand seniors' real needs instead of offering over-amenitised – and, as a result, over-priced – facilities to create environments where seniors feel connected and valued. Their insights stressed that modern senior living should focus on personalized, community-oriented solutions that foster a sense of home and enhance the overall quality of life.

Our last panel, moderated by Stefan Catic, Managing Partner at PKF Hospitality Group, explored on the topic of “Technology in Serviced Living – Digital Guest Experience”. Thanks to our speakers Helene Bugl, Director of Expansion Austria, Switzerland & Hungary at Limehome, Eva Klausner, Director of Guest Experience at Numa, Florian Montag, VP of Business Development at Apaleo, and Markus Marth, Managing Director at Schani Hotels, we delved into innovative approaches like NUMA's seamless digital accessibility, LIMEHOME's consistent guest recommendations, Apaleo’s AI integration, and Schani Hotels' smart room technologies. The consensus was clear: the hospitality industry must embrace technological advancements to meet customer expectations.

Connect and stay in touch

It wouldn’t be a 196+ event without plenty of networking opportunities. Be it during our guided tours to discover the various corners of The Hoxton, Vienna, our networking break or on the terrace after the conference - it was the perfect setting to network with speakers, moderators, and like-minded professionals while enjoying some excellent drinks and snacks. It was a day of connections, knowledge exchange, and envisioning the future of serviced living!

What to expect next year

We are looking forward to seeing our serviced living community for another inspiring 196+ spotlight edition in June 2025. The exact date will be communicated soon.

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