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Latest News • 2021-05-11

PKF hotelexperts is relaunching its event business: 196+ as the umbrella brand for all events

  • Motto worldwide: "hospitality events for curious minds"
  • Focus on personal exchange in a pleasant atmosphere

PKF hotelexperts, the international market leader in hotel and tourism consulting, is relaunching its event business. From 1 May, all established and new events will be held under the umbrella brand 196+.

Michael Widmann, Managing Director of PKF hotelexperts GmbH: "Even though the events business has been hit hard, we are firmly convinced that this sector will come back. 2021 is exactly the right time to reinvent ourselves and position our global conference activities accordingly. We have now done this with our new umbrella brand 196+. It stands globally for all our events under the motto 'hospitality events for curious minds'".

The umbrella brand reflects the current number of countries in the world. Of the 196 states, 193 are members of the United Nations, two have UN observer status and one country is recognised by the majority of UN members. "Since there are numerous territories in addition to these, we have added the plus - but also as a provision for the eventuality that further states are added. 196+ thus stands for our diverse and dynamic world", explains Tanja Millner, Managing Director of 196+ events GmbH in Vienna.

196+ forum is the future format for hospitality investment conferences – this year in Milan, Munich, and Vienna, with other locations expected from 2022 onwards. As in the past, the focus of all 196+ events is on personal exchange in a pleasant atmosphere.

The 196+ forum Milan was established in 2014 as a tourism investment conference and most recently operated under the name hotel & tourism forum. The event focuses on hospitality investment and design. It consists of a conference, an exhibition area and offers numerous networking opportunities. It addresses investors, developers, hotel owners, operators, banks, hospitality consultants, architects and designers, as well as suppliers for the hospitality industry and representatives of tourism organisations. Giorgio Bianchi, Director of the 196+ forum Milan: "We also present the annual Hospitality Design Award, which recognises innovative design in the hotel, tourism sector and new projects".

The hotelforum Munich has been held annually since 2002, starting this year under the new umbrella brand 196+. The highlight is the presentation of the Hotel Property Award. "With the new umbrella brand 196+, we are demonstrating the European orientation of the Hotel Property Award and also of this trade event for hotel operators, developers, investors and all companies involved in the construction of hotel properties, which has developed over the past 20 years into one of the most important annual industry get-togethers each October", says Andreas Martin, head of 196+ hotelforum Munich.

"The International Hotel Investment & Design Conference in Vienna, which has been held since 2007, now takes place as 196+ forum Vienna and deals with the topics of hospitality investments and innovations", Millner explains. "I am very pleased that we have established a brand with high quality standards to represent this new structure".

The 196+ roundtables were previously held under the name HTLroundtable. This series, with 40 (this year) and 59 (from 2022) annual networking events on all continents, serves to exchange information on the respective current market situation, new projects and other relevant topics of the regional hotel and tourism industry. All participants are invited to the 196+ summit - formerly HTLsummit - on their respective continent, which is held annually in December. An overview of these and all other events can be found at www.196plus.com.

"With this relaunch, we are globally positioned for current topics in the areas of hotel, serviced living, tourism and leisure. In doing so, togetherness is our top priority. All 196+ events will offer information exchange and networking in a pleasant atmosphere - hopefully soon live again", Widmann concludes.


Further information on PKF hotelexperts:

PKF hotelexperts is an internationally recognised market leader in hotel consulting and - alongside PKF livingexperts (serviced living consulting) and PKF tourismexperts (tourism consulting) - part of the PKF hospitality group. With 15 offices on all continents and more than 90 years of experience, the PKF hospitality group offers focused consulting services in the areas of hotel, serviced living and tourism investments, including feasibility studies, valuations, operator search, project development, financing and investment consulting, asset management, research & benchmarking as well as strategic consulting.

www.pkfhotels.com, www.196plus.com

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